We’ve all been programmed to have childhood wounds.

Our lives are shaped by the downloaded programs we acquired during the first seven years of our lives. Most experts agree that early childhood experiences are what most shape who we think we are, how we perceive ourselves, what careers we choose, what partners we end up with and what fears we have. Most of the beliefs that we hold, positive and negative, came from this time period, including our identity. These original downloads are still creating our reality.
In the first seven years of our life our brains are developing and are highly suggestible. Children of this age believe most of what they’re told and directly model themselves off what they observe. They have little capacity to reject the information to which they are exposed.
We rely on our care givers to learn how to ‘be’ in the world. This is where we learn to love, how to BE loved, we learn what’s acceptable and not acceptable, how people talk to and treat each other. We were taught what will get us love and what will cause love to be taken away. How we make sense of our world, approach our lives, and think of ourselves, is the handiwork of our ‘programmers.’ This early programming becomes the foundation for our lives.
We develop a sense of self, healthy or not, based on how we were treated and what we observed when we were innocent. In this way, our minds are truly not our own. The way our parents, siblings, family members, significant others, and teachers, treated us dictates how we see ourselves and live our lives today.

Within us all resides the child we grew up as

Psychological studies have shown that, up to 70% of the downloaded beliefs acquired before age 7 are disempowering, self-sabotaging, or limiting.

What did you observe as a child?
What did you hear?
What did you feel?
What did your parents do around you ?
What did they tell you?
What messages about yourself did you receive in the way they treated you?
How did they treat you when you cried?
Did you feel heard and learn to believe that your feelings mattered?
Were you encouraged to master your own environment or were you guilted for spilling the milk or making a mistake?

Most of us have no clue that the programs (beliefs) running our lives today were created by our inner child before we were seven. At that time, we accepted them as the truth, our inner child had no idea that our parents may have been wounded, unaware, immature, or just ignorant.
As adults, we’re on autopilot most of the time and while we are in the present, our minds and our beliefs are in the past. How you behave in any given situation and how you experience life as an adult will always be reflective of the templates created by childhood programming.

Our inner values, beliefs and behaviours are usually influenced by our upbringing.

What was downloaded into your subconscious mind which you then used to form a belief about yourself and about life when you were a child?
HINT – Look at what you struggle with most in your life and what causes you pain, that will lead you straight to the limiting beliefs of your younger self (your inner child).

How are your beliefs from the past making you feel and impacting your life?

In order to find the root-cause of your present problems and put an end to your pain, we must ask your Inner child and understand what they needed.

Connecting the present to the past

What is happening in your life now to cause you pain or distress or where you find yourself ‘stuck’, is almost always linked with your past and so too are the feelings that go with it.
How these two things are connected to your past is what we will find out together during your hypnotherapy session. Once you resolve whatever has happened in the past to cause to think and feel the way you do, your current issue will be solved, and your pain gone.

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