When our inner child runs the show

When we want to challenge our core beliefs because they are causing us pain or limiting us, sometimes they push back, this is subconscious resistance.

When it comes to changing yourself, you may have experienced subconscious resistance, the “invisible wall.” No matter how hard you try to change, you find yourself sabotaging your own efforts and returning to the old you. This is not a conscious decision. This is subconscious resistance, and its purpose is to protect us from pain.

Our inner child lives in the subconscious mind, our emotional mind, and as most young children, doesn’t respond to logic or reason. This is why, when it comes to core negative beliefs, they are hard to change even though you think it’s a good idea. Such changes need to be made at the subconscious level, in your ‘feeling mind’ with your inner child, and not with your rational, logical, analytical adult mind.

Resistance is a function of your subconscious mind and is designed to keep you and your inner child from re-experiencing the pain of your original wounds. Resistance is avoidance, resistance is fear; fear of re-experiencing old emotional pain that you didn’t know what to do with back when you were a child, and you don’t know what to do with now.

aggressive parents distressing children create a raft of inner beliefs affecting social development and confidence.
Outlooks for adults distressed as children are usually affected in many negative ways.

This protective part of your subconscious mind AKA ‘resistance’ has been devising ‘age-appropriate’ strategies for you to avoid pain for most of your life. However, it remains stuck in the past, informed only by the original wounding you received between 0-7 years old.

It’s highly creative and will go to great lengths to stop you from changing, if it feels that changing will cause you pain. To those of us who wish to change, this can feel very frustrating, like an invisible wall.

There are lots of examples of subconscious resistance, see if you can spot yours.

How do you experience resistance

  • Finding yourself procrastinating.
  • Becoming more easily distracted.
  • Being increasingly self-critical.
  • Second guessing yourself.
  • Seeking perfectionism.
  • Experiencing physical symptoms such as, cravings, pain, or tiredness.
  • An inability to accept compliments or constructive criticism.
  • Intellectualising your feelings, ‘If I stay in my head, I won’t have to feel my feelings (pain) which I don’t know what to do with anyway because no one ever showed me.

…And the list goes on…

All of these are strategies designed to keep you safe and protect you from….whatever it is your ‘inner child’ is afraid of. All resistance is FEAR OF CHANGE, fear of the unknown or avoidance of emotional pain from the past. Your subconscious mind will do anything to keep you away from those painful feelings and will always find another way to sabotage the changes you want to make. If your subconscious mind believes that it will cause you more stress to change than to stay the same, you may experience subconscious resistance.

Offering love and support to our inner child validates who we are. Often, doing this helps give clarity on what needs to shift in order for you to move forward now. This internal process often softens the resistance and “stuckness” you are feeling in your adult life.

How to melt away subconscious resistance

Hypnotherapy will melt away your subconscious resistance and allow you to move forward without your pain and limitations.

When your inner child feels safe and calm, you get the green light to go ahead and try new things. You can tolerate failure, or mistakes. You can deal with minor amounts of shame without getting gobbled up with fear. You will be calm and clear-minded and won’t need to act impulsively. You will feel surer of yourself and won’t constantly need to seek approval from others.

By giving your inner child what it needs, you will reclaim your confidence and feel more in control of your life. When your inner child feels safe and steady, it allows you to shine.

It’s time to reach out and give your inner child the support it deserves.

A happy inner child becomes a confident, resilient adult.

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