Isn’t it ironic that, the problem-solving part of our minds cannot find the solution to the problems that cause us the most pain. For most of my clients nothing makes sense until after we’re finished, and the problem has been solved. That’s because the emotional memories that keep us stuck are not rational and not accessible to our conscious mind. They live inside of us in a very young part of us filed away in our subconscious minds.

As much as we’d like to ‘think’ we can fix everything with our rational, logical, analytical conscious minds, unfortunately when it comes to the BIG stuff and the tough problems that produce most pain in our lives, our conscious mind falls short.

Most of the problems that arise in our lives and the things that cause us pain are emotional, not rational, or logical which often leaves us in a conundrum, unable to fix the problem. Talking about it doesn’t help and sometimes makes it worse, thinking about it doesn’t help, analysing it doesn’t help either. Ignoring it or distracting ourselves from it (our painful feelings that is) certainly doesn’t help and can compound the problem and lead to other health issues especially if those distractions become habitual.

Hypnotherapy is a kind of magic because it works with a very powerful and magical part of our mind that is neither rational nor logical. Although we are rational, it is our subconscious mind that runs 95% of our lives but you won’t be conscious of this. So, oblivious to this, we continue to try to create change consciously using merely willpower. What’s ironic is that the part of our mind that wants to make the changes and is aware of being in pain doesn’t have the solution and this is what is so frustrating. In order to make the changes we want, this part of our mind our ‘problem solver’ the one usually in charge, has to step aside, take a leap of faith, and be prepared to take a back seat and let something that doesn’t make any sense at all, take the lead.

It’s difficult for our conscious minds to believe that it’s going to work because it is incomprehensible. It doesn’t have access to the forgotten memories, emotions, and experiences; our earliest perceptions which is what keeps us stuck. It’s difficult for it to let go and trust the process but that’s where my skill as an experienced hypnotherapist comes in. This often rests on my ability to provide your vigilant, protective conscious mind with enough of what it needs to agree to step aside, trust the process and allow you to go on the journey. It’s often amazed at the outcome after we’ve finished.

Emotions and beliefs that generate these, don’t make sense to our conscious mind because when we created them we were very young, and nothing had to make sense to be real. Most of the unhelpful beliefs that we developed about ourselves, that are behind all of the pain that we experience now, were created before our analytical/rational mind came on board, back when we had no ability to be rational.

Young children are not rational because their brains simply aren’t developed enough, they don’t possess this wiring until they get older. So, they live in their imaginations and can only see the world from their perspective. Back then, we easily believed in Easter Bunny and Santa Clause too. We believed everything we were told, and we made up the rest from what we experienced and saw around us. Our beliefs about ourselves were born before our rational, analytical mind was born and these beliefs were accepted as the truth and that is how came to see ourselves.

Children rely on adults to make sense of their world and of their feelings. If no one is there to help them understand their painful, hurt feelings, children deal with them by either forgetting about them or pretending they never happened. Kids are very good at pretending and believe what they create in their imaginations. But that doesn’t mean that the painful feelings really have disappeared, they lie dormant until life brings them to the surface later.

The good thing is that it all of this makes sense afterwards once your analytical, logical mind gets to join all the dots and see all of the patterns that have played out in your life along with the beliefs that have kept you stuck. All of the important information about you and how you learned to see yourself, lives in your subconscious mind where your feelings are, a part of your mind that the rational mind doesn’t have access to. This is the part of your mind that we work with in hypnotherapy.

Our conscious mind may be powerless when it comes to changing your beliefs, but it is not powerless when it comes to making choices based on rational thinking. It’s our decision-maker and where our free-will lives. Thanks to our logical conscious mind, based on previous experience, it knows there must be something more to changing than just making the decision to, otherwise you would have fixed your problem years ago just because it made sense to. It also knows that if something doesn’t change, life will become more painful not less, this is logical. But none of this relieves our pain.

So, hypnosis is a bit of a magical mystery to our conscious mind. It just works but the reasons that it works so well and so quickly are yet to be fully explained. In the end, it really doesn’t matter how or why it works, all that matters is that it does work.

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