Fact: You have. Everyone has.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind that you slip in and out of several times a day.

Hypnosis doesn’t feel like anything other than what you are experiencing at the time, so most people aren’t aware that they are in hypnosis.

It is simply a relaxed and highly focused state of mind that happens by default anytime your mind is intensely focused on something – to the exclusion of everything else.

During your hypnosis session, I’ll have you focus on my voice and follow my instructions which are carefully designed to intentionally guide you into hypnosis.

All we are doing when we do hypnosis together is using your natural ability to enter the state. From there you become more open to accepting positive suggestions around the things you wish to change.

Some examples of unintentional hypnosis are becoming absorbed in a movie, or when you’re driving.

In movies, a skilful movie director can quickly capture your attention and direct your thoughts and feelings to where they would like. Thus, suspending your logical, rational, analytical mind – and engaging your subconscious mind.

As a result, you become more suggestible, making your experience feel very real. This is movie hypnosis.

And, while you know that what’s happening in the movie is not real, to your subconscious mind it is very real. This is the same as getting lost in a good book. And we switch between these states of consciousness all the time.

When driving, have you ever been absorbed in a good podcast or playlist, when suddenly you arrive at your destination but the two-hour drive felt like half an hour?

We refer to this as highway hypnosis and this type of time distortion is a commonly experienced with a state of hypnosis.

Focusing our attention inward on our own thoughts and feelings to the exclusion of everything else can also cause us to enter a state of hypnosis, where we can become vulnerable to the negative suggestions (thoughts and feelings) we are giving to ourselves, which reinforce negative beliefs and painful feelings.

Hypnosis occurs when your analytical thinking mind goes off-line allowing your subconscious mind to indulge itself in either positive, helpful suggestions or negative, unhelpful ones