Reconnecting with your inner child will resolve your pain.

Our goal in hypnotherapy is to put you back in touch with your inner child and heal the ROOT-CAUSE of your pain.

When you can, acknowledge, witness, and validate your little self you can release your pain and fear and address the reasons for your habits and addictions.

No matter whether it’s losing weight, giving up smoking, addiction, unexplained physical pain, fear, depression, anxiety, or self-doubt, these are all symptoms of a greater cause. Stop trying to fix your symptoms and start looking for the cause. If you could have talked yourself out of your pain and stress or thought your way out of your problem you would have done it by now. I’m sure you have already tried a number of things. You can’t drink it away, think it away, eat it away, gamble it away, distract it away, sleep it away or physically move far enough away, to outrun your pain. Many people try, and end up back in the same place, every time feeling a bit more disappointed, frustrated, and despondent than the last time.

You can’t think your way out of these emotional memories because it’s your feelings keeping you stuck. The unacknowledged, unexpressed, unvalidated wounds of your inner child. And your feelings live inside of you where you can’t run away from them. The thing that is holding you back, causing you pain and preventing you from moving forward is the forgotten pain you still carry around from the past.

Utilising hypnosis and 5-PATH®, I will help you to shift the negative beliefs you inherited by connecting you with your inner child and resolving your pain where it originated from. When help your inner child resolve their pain, your pain disappears as well.

5PATH® allows your conscious mind to revisit long forgotten events in your life, to finally heal them and bring you to a place of peace within yourself. It’s an incredible journey into your past which allows you to reunite with a younger part of yourself that had no voice and no choice – A union between you now and the little one you once were.

Revisiting your past in this way and reviewing your experiences from new perspectives often brings about deep insights into your yourself and your life patterns. These insights will become your ‘AH-HA’ moments; as you experience major shifts in how you see and feel about yourself….the way you were always meant to see and feel about yourself.

You will get to pass on all of your current knowledge, wisdom, and insights to your inner child that still lives inside you. When you do this something magical happens, everything that you say to them gets magically transferred to you and literally changes your life and your reality – as they change, you change.

You create a new reality for your subconscious mind through informing your inner child. Providing safety and love to the younger parts of yourself allows you to release your fears, resolve your pain and achieve your goals. This becomes the new template for the new you. And leaves you feeling more in control of your life and better about yourself.

This experience will change the course of your life and bring you to a place of safety, wholeness, and peace within yourself. And the bonus is that you can finally feel free to be yourself and love who you are.

I’ve seen many symptoms shift when clients begin working with their inner child. I’ve seen clients begin opening their hearts to deepening the love in their life, or for the first time, truly allowing love in. For some, doing the deeper work allows them to finally be present in their parenting as they are able to connect with their own children, past their own pain. For others, they start showing up to work, and relationships with confidence, and more comfortably ask for what they need. For others, the panic and fear they were holding lessens tremendously and they can stand by the boundaries they’ve been trying to set for years.

There’s a whole new life waiting for you.

What to bring with you to your session

All you have to bring with you is your pain and a willingness to be there for yourself. The process will do the rest.

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